Tuesday, December 02, 2008

monday exploring

Yesterday the weather changed quite a lot in that it was raining and quite grey so we sure were lucky on Sunday. We went up to Warkworth and Matakana not having been there for a very long time. Years ago when the boys were very young we went camping at Pakari Beach but we didn't quite get that far. We went to Wendelholm (sic?) Park which was really lovely. This is me looking out onto the inlet.
Couldn't resist a photo when there is a frame to do so through -
The pohutakawa trees are starting to come out in places - they are magnificent when they all appear along the coast
a closeup. Then we went to Morris and James in Matakana and bought a platter - found it difficult to decide but as it was closing time they were rather anxious for us to leave. It has some reddy colours in it so looks like it fits the ruby idea. Take a pic when we get home.


Leanne said...

Hilarious eh? Sweating buckets Saturday at the show and rained out at tennis Monday....fabulous Auckland, glad it doesn't snow, that would really upset me!

artisbliss said...

It's a bit late, but hearty congratulations to you and Ian. 40 years is a great milestone.

Brenda said...

I grew up in Warkworth but scarcely recognise the surrounding area with all the changes over the past 20-25 years. Makes me feel old!

Tommy said...

I happen to find your blog by accident, but i saw your photos of those wonderful plants, and had to leave a comment. You take brillant photos I have to say, and you definetly prove that art is all around us, rather we notice or not!


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