Monday, August 06, 2007

Perth Show

It was lovely to see so many people at the Perth Show last weekend - Bruce came and helped on the Friday and actually seemed to enjoy himself - I think he loved all the attention! He and Kazuko did a wonderful job at the end helping us pack the van and cars and we were able to all be unloaded and off to Spaghi by about 8pm for a well deserved fed and wine. The weather held off until this morning when we decided that lying in bed until 7am listening to the rain was well deserved. Here is Jaslyn - she also was wonderful to have working and Hannah came on Saturday and straightened us all out and fixed up our sloppy habits.

Beryl Taylor was our guest and she is as lovely as all of her work. Of course we sold out of her book by lunchtime the first day but we have reordered for all of those who have ordered it. My new digital camera skills with my new camera were sadly lacking and somehow I lost qute a few pics - I shall take my camera to Beryl's workshop all this week and see how I go. Beryl doesn't seem to like having her pic taken any more than me.... I did take a few shots of some of her work and I am sure she won't mind that I pop them up here for you to enjoy too. She tells me her website is almost ready to roll.

The Art to Wear was fabulous - heaps of school entries as well as lots of adults - I took photos of quite a few but this is the only one which has remained on the camera - what a dunce! The two left hand ones are school entries and I will get their names to add here - very clever - the right hand one belongs to Anne van der Kley.

Our house is fair bedlam and will be all week as I rush off to Beryl's workshops and slowly get things back into order but it's okay. I am working as fast as I can to get all of the orders away. We had deliveries as well today to add to the chaos including 4 new books - The Painted Quilt - yummy - and 3 others. Ian is going to try to get them all on the web tomorrow. Off to get the ingredients ready for Beryl's Embellishment workshop tomorrow.


Hilary Metcalf said...

Glad to hear you have got The Painted Quilt- I tried ordering direct from linda and Laura's website, but nearly fainted at the postage costs. In the same category is Kim Thittichai's book mentioned by Maggie - Hot Textiles - hope you will be stocking that too!

Rowan said...

Hi Dale,
I went to your stall at the fair on the weekend. Spent way too much money - you'll be glad to know :)

It was nice meeting Beryl Taylor. Her work looked even nicer in reality than the photos in her book.

Please keep us posted on her website development. I'll be keen to check that out!

Anonymous said...

You lucky thing. Hopefully that means there will be a second book from Beryl.... What do you think???


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