Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more flower stitch foot

I have been playing some more with my flower stitch foot - and have some work on Romeo water soluble which I shall post another day. This is to show simple zig zag stitches on black felt using my new Indian Splendour thread from the Opulent Collection. If you go around a couple of times it gives your variegateds a greater zing. Our threads are factory dipped dyed which means they have the lines so they are not good for specific patterns but I love them for free stitching and also by using them top and bottom and stitching over the original stitch you get this wonderful plethora of colour. It's a good way for me to see if my colour choices are in harmony. I was talking to a lady at the show about extending the colour palette as she was looking for more random dyeing and I told her to try 2 variegateds through the needle as I always find it gives me so much more colour and also to try 2 plain threads through the one needle. You can increase your colour palette that way. And finally - try a metallic with a rayon plain or gold and silver together - it softens the often harshness of silver.

These little samples are stitched on a Bernina 1230 - just working through the different zigzag stitches. I have used kunin felt because I can burn through with a soldering iron and thread cord through the holes. By moving the circle into different positions you can create different sized circles and have circles in circles with different zig zag patterns.

The piece from the other day but a better picture

and some closeups to show different circles - some are stitched back onto the surface with beads. The background is Gossamer Fuse with a little foil - a sort of favourite of mine!

even more close up. This piece is stitched in another of the Opulent Collection - Carnivale

For some reason I have this enormous space I cannot get rid of (my skills are only partial...) but just knowcking off for the day and off to dinner with Martene and Luigi. I am doing one major task a day - yesterday was sorting, counting, and reordering silk tops (we have over 100 colours), today was the same with the woolr tops and tomorrow I shall be 'doing' the books. Beryl Taylor's book has come in and nearly all gone again, The Painted Cloth has come in again and Visual Language in and nearly all out. Interesting to see what people are looking for.
However the gap doesn't seem to have gone at all!


Doreen G said...

Crikey you're good---Have I told you that before or not?

Anonymous said...

All your lovely embroidery and finally I contact you over a book!
What is the book 'Visual Language'?
I'm afraid my inability to avoid a book title seems stronger than my ability to heap praise!!

Grangry said...

Dale, that piece is beautiful! Reminds me of fossils - at Lyme Regis in Dorset the fossils are in a sort of soft, dark slate grey rock.

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Dale
I luv these .... I also was well impressed to see you use a word which I, personally use alot and usually get "funny looks" for ... "Plethora" s'luvly word LOL:-D
Britt _@/"

Gina said...

Dale, I left a comment when you posted a pic of the flower stitcher piece last week but seeing it in close up... WOW! It is stunning.


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