Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday workshop pics

I thought you would like to see the pics I took on Friday at Beryl's workshop. It was raining cats and dogs in Perth and there were accidents everywhere and it was freezing cold at the venue. My car is happy that things are back to normal and it will be only doing its little outings this coming week. The workshop was doing things with an old book but I just took some pics of Beryl's work on display. It is always lovely to see people's work in the flesh - I can see ideas down the track from how she creates her paper. I have been out collecting some fabulous wallpaper for my Rust book from a place in Fremantle. They thought I was mad when I told them I didn't want it for walls. Actually going to Bunnings and studying the polyfilla was exhausting. You used to just have 1 kind - now there are all sorts. I asked which one was suitable for fabric - I think the guy may have needed a lie down afterwards....

This is the cover for Beryl's stitch sampler
One page - you will have seen it in CPS or QA I think- it's a great idea - maybe I will start collating some of my TAST samples - talking of which I have a few catch-ups to do this week now that things have settled down a bit.

Some pages from some of her books

and Beryl in full flight. My photography is improving slowly. I found the closeup button as well.
It was really gerat having Beryl over and we enjoyed hers, Ian's and Matthew's company - yes another Ian!

Beautiful day in Perth -off for a walk soon and back into a bit of action.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Thanks for the lovely pics you where so lucky to have the workshop. I sure the man in Bunnings needed a lie down after your visit, I get some funny looks when I say no I do't want to use it for that, I'm going to use it on fabric.

Beryl does lovely and unusual work lucky you to be involved.


M Dawson said...

I would love to do a class with Beryl and well done with the photographs.

I tagged you as one of my five favourite blogs ( as I love to see what you get up to all the time.

Thanks for an inspirational and fun blog.



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