Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walking Eating Exploring

Day two we visited the Chelsa Markets - lots of interesting things to see - spent some time roaming Anthropologie - interesting shop but full of bored male partners sitting on the sofas and bored sales assistants

Halloween is in full flight here at present with houses decorated and loads of pumpkins everywhere

Spent ages wandering around the fish market - these were the lobsters

Then we walked the High Line - what a fabulous open space where the rail line was. It started to pour with rain at the end - thank goodness for all the yellow cabs

Seen on the High Line walk - I didn't take photos but if you go to New York this has to be a must do

We have done a lot of walking but fortunately there are lots of fabbo restaurants in our neighbourhood. This one just around the corner. You go downstairs. You wouldn't know it was there if the sign wasn't there. They left the door open because I think it would have felt claustrophobic otherwise. It was pouring down outside. lovely.

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Heather said...

Nice to know that it pours with rain in New York too! I'm sure visitors to England think it does nothing else here. NY looks very interesting and not at all what we might imagine.


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