Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last day - off we go

This morning we were up at 2.30am can you believe- I would rather not - and got a taxi to Newark in New Jersey to catch our plane to London - Ian took a photo of Central Park as we flew over.

We actually had a good trip - the plane was nearly empty or barely full. Back to London and got an upgrade at the hotel which means slightly more room in the bedroom but less room in the bathroom

We got a discount voucher for dinner so are at the restaurant and indulged with desserts

Forget which was whose.

Then today up early for the long flight home - we get to Perth Sunday afternoon and Monday to work. When we are away I answer every email as they appear and then delete from my phone and when we get home I download all - there will an awful lot for 21 days including the usual delightful spams - and print them out from the oldest and then work through all the orders.

Patricia and Kaz have been looking after Harley who has been naughty but I expect she has missed us

See you all on the downunder side- bbq Monday night. We have missed them and I have especially missed tomatoes and garlic

And then I have heaps to do - a Dale's Delight (still thinking) - two articles to produce- starting my articles for and lots of other things I am itching to get working on. Oh well - isn't life exciting......


Heather said...

I wish I had your energy! Just reading about all you have to do makes me wilt. Safe journey home and don't forget to fit a good night's sleep in somewhere.

Boud said...

Bon Voyage, it was nice having you!

Penny said...

Welcome home, loved being along with you in New York.


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