Monday, October 20, 2014

New York City day five

Today we caught the subway to Brooklyn and walked the Brooklyn Bridge- it was jammed packed with people mainly because of the Breast Cancer Walk. Beautiful day and fabulous views of Manhattan and beyond. My geographical knowledge of NYC and New Jersey etc was pretty limited so all those places you see and read about start to pop into place

All those people coming at you and cyclists on the right imagining they are cycling in the Tour de France

Ian got a really great photo very symmetrical - he is a far better photographer than me - I just push the button. These structures are amazing when you think of how and when they were created.

Next we went to check out the World Trade Centre and Ground Zero area - didn't take any photos but we thought it all very low key and thoughtfully created and spent quite some time there.

My new discovery- the sewage covers - I must have taken about 50 photos with a busy brain of ideas.

We spent ages wandering around Battery Park City - they have done a fabulous job around the water's edge- this was a water garden

Wandering through the Nelson Rockefeller Park we came across this wonderful little sculpture area - I will do a special post later because there were so many different ones

Loved this of the One Cent and all the little guys

Just gorgeous

Fabulous park so many people enjoying it all

On the sidewalk

Looking back to Freedom Tower

We sure have done lots of walking but after that we got the subway home and put our feet up with a glass of wine and nibbles

And we went here for dinner - lovely pizza but we did feel like we were in a food factory - stuck in a draughty corner with a real automated atmosphere - they could just use robots really!


Amanda said...

Really enjoying your reports in. You should have put pedometers on!

Heather said...

More fascinating photos. Sewage covers - the new rubbing plates!

Penny said...

Loved sewage covers, have taken photos of them in Germany and Japan in the past.

Unknown said...

If your still in NY try to go to Eataly - if you like Italian food. We love it there. Our son lives behind on the Upper East side so we are regular visitors.


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