Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York day three

A relatively frustrating day in that we caught the subway to 42nd Street - very wet morning so thought it a good day to visit the MOMA - however when we got there we met the many other hundreds or more with the same idea so we decided to change our plans. We did a lot of walking (sure means you sleep well) and went up to Tinsel Trading in Lexington Avenue - I have always wanted to visit having bought stuff by mail order in the past - they have moved from Broadway into quite a small shop

I bought some vintage metallic thread from the 30s and some vintage sequins and a few other little goodies- have to be an experimental metallic piece or two coming on.

Then we went to the Guggenheim Museum only to find it was closed on Thursdays so we moved onto the MET - feet getting sore by now!

These pics were in the New Guinea section

Great costumes and loved some of the close work on them
After that we got a taxi back and relaxed with a glass of red before venturing out to dinner

This restaurant - Alta - in the next street - you would never know it was there - what a gem - this the entrance

And there was a little table and a couple eating just down there
The restaurant is Tapas/Mediterranean and there is an upstairs where we were and a myriad of rooms for eating - packed and excellent - would recommend

This was my desert - actually it was Ian's but he got mine and had half eaten it when I discovered this was not the flavours I fancied - however it was lovely as apparently was mine

We slept well

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Heather said...

A few frustrations but plenty of delights too. Love the vintage threads and those printing blocks(?) from New Guinea. The restaurant has a lovely entrance and looks very inviting.


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