Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New York City Day Six

Today we took the subway uptown - haven't gone the wrong way yet - and visited the Guggenheim Museum- what a fabulous building

We took the lift to the top and spiralled our way down. Wacky exhibition - Zero One - but we enjoyed it

I liked this piece hanging in the shop - John Carmichael

Then we walked through Central Park to the East Side and checked out Zabars- jammed packed with foods etc downstairs and all sorts of kitchen stuff upstairs - we bought a spoon to try in our Crueset and then had some very late lunch downstairs - I guess in Perth the Re Stores or Kakulus Bros are similar but of course NYC is so much bigger - the fresh coffee smelt wonderful - it has been difficult to get a decent cup of coffee here - won't get a real Ian made one until next Monday morning

Walking through to Zabars on something like 81st

Walked to Colombus Circuit and checked out Wholefoods - that was an eye opener. Didn't buy anything as the queues to pay were so long

Found this on the subway

In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant- Ofrenda - on 7th Ave - I guess it was okay but I didn't go for chocolate sauce rich and thick on my enchiladas

Walking back we popped into Duplex to listen to the piano player who was very good but when we walked on it felt like one of those Westerns where the stranger comes into town - next door on Christopher St is the famous Stonewall Inn

So another day of enjoying NYC and needing to rest our weary feet

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Heather said...

You'll be able to write a new guide book to New York by the end of your visit, and probably need new shoes!


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