Friday, October 24, 2014

New York City Day Ten

Before we caught the subway we stopped at the soap shop just around the corner - we always buy lovely soaps when we go away. Loved this basin and as a result I got a free hand wash and stuff and then a very nice tube of hand cream as a gift ( we did buy a pile of soaps)

The other thing I have noticed are the cellars - this one is inside the shop but usually they are outside heading down under the store. This one is a bit like the cellar under our bedroom at home where you lift the floor and head down the jarrah staircase.

Today we went to the MOMA - it is a pretty wet old day so course there was a long queue but you work your way through it all - loved the paintings. On the 5th floor including Van Gogh Starry Night - I was amazed by so many people simply taking a pic of every picture with their phone so I took delight in walking in front of them. Bet they don't even look at them again - buy the catalogue or choose your artist and buy a book to enjoy browsing through. We also went to the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition- most interesting. I bought the 2015 diary.

Tonight we are off to Alta again - this one and the restaurant at The Ace Hotel are our favourites and by far the best

And because many people emailed me - I bought two colours and may be seen wearing them or perhaps using them as great resists- it might be time to bring out some nail varnish resist work.

My only stitching on this holiday - too busy walking and looking and sleeping soundly. I have taken photos of a great deal of sewer covers and have started lots of sketches with intentions of using them in many different ways. I even managed to get one on Park Avenue with Ian in charge of looking out for cars intending to run me over.

This is our last day in New York- we head back to London very early in the morning. We have loved it all - my geography of NYC was rather bleak. Studied the cotton fields in America in 4th form geography and read Grapes of Wrath etc but never quite sure where all those places we have seen fitted in. We learnt a lot on our boat trip around Manhattan and it means we will be able to place things when we read about them. People have been so very friendly and helpful.

And thanks for all the emails from people telling me they have enjoyed my monologue - I am only pleased that Blogspot played ball this time.

For all who asked where we stayed - we used AIRBNB and stayed 33 W9th Street Greenwich Village and I booked it back in Feb - it's a great place in a great spot.


Boud said...

Well, we've enjoyed having you! and I am so glad you found New Yorkers friendly and helpful. That's always been my experience, despite it's being a huge city. I do have to tease you just a little: I love that you keep saying THE MOMA! So cute. Around here it's just MOMA.

And good for you for your idea that people should look at the art or study it elsewhere, not see it all through a camera!

Heather said...

Your posts must have done much to make New York a desirable place to visit. It is so much more than we ever see in films. Hope you have good flights back to the UK and then home and that your hand is getting better.

Viv Estill said...

Thanks for the posts Dale - we've really enjoyed seeing New York through your eyes.


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