Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York City Day Four

Did much better today - we caught the subway to 42nd Street - boy it is hot down underground - and did the obligatory wander around Times Square - full of touts and people

Photographed this wall - certainly lots of visuals everywhere

Took several photos at the Hard Rock Cafe but the image kept changing so I went for Kiss

We spent two and half hours on the Circle Line around Manhattan Island which was superb - the commentator guy was terrific and it put lots of things into place - I only took one photo and here she is - I wonder if her arm is tired like my feet

Afterwards Ian went to see the space shuttle and I walked a long way and took a pic of the Chrysler building because I think it is the best building here - must look for some close ups of it

I visited M and J Trimmings and bought a braid but actually didn't get excited at all - I just needed a plastic bag to put my money in
Went to a few shops in the garment and fabric area but only spent my money at City Quilter buying some of their NY fabrics - not at all sure what I will do with them though.

One bonus was the exhibition of Velda Newman work there - only a few - this one - Zinnia - really jumped out at me - such strong colours and all hand stitched.

I took one close up but no detail - I loved her circles and circle stitching because as you will know I love creating circles myself. It is for sale at $70,000 but a lot of work.

Then I found a tea shop and had a ginger peach tea whilst waiting for Ian. We were on 26th Street and decided to walk back to 9th street - easy does it. Came across a Michaels on the way and dragged Ian in but wasnt overly impressed - then I saw a dick blicks but Ian refused and on we wandered.

No wonder we slept well but woke up early as to follow the All Black vs Wallaby game - think it would have been great to watch - that try in the last two seconds - wow! Houdini stuff.


Heather said...

More great pics - I love that zinnia design and the beautiful stitching. My legs and feet are tired just reading how far you have walked.

Ali Honey said...

Wow , Love the zinnias. The rugby was exhausting just to watch ...they must ALL have been knackered.

I've not been to NY, so loving the photos.


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