Saturday, February 22, 2014

rugby - concerts - foodie - no Wellie

I have given myself a wee break from Wellie and tomorrow I shall be back with my play and exploration. In the meantime on Friday I took myself off to a new little group of nice people and spent my time doing some stitching and chatting. I enjoyed it. Then we went to St Martin in the Field at the Concert Hall - such brilliant playing but sadly marred by people being allowed in willy nilly in the first half. First time in my life this has happened. We have been late for a concert and had to sit outside for an appropriate break without any drama - this made me quite cross.

Then we went to check out the Chevron Festival Gardens - busy in Northbridge with the Fringe Festival and the Perth Festival both on so lots of people around.

We decided to check out a reasonably new eatery - Pleasure to Meet You - very friendly people - great food. I think they talked slowly and caringly to us because they thought we were old - kept explaining where we might go to order. But one of the staff recognized us from other places we frequent...

The Super Rugby season has begun - fab win to the Chiefs yesterday and to the Highlanders today. Now to see how the Hurries go tonight. Off to cook our bbq and enjoy the evening in our garden. Back to Wellie tomorrow.


Heather said...

That all sounds very enjoyable, apart from the selfish people who arrived late for the concert.
How old were the restaurant staff who thought you were old?!!!

Robin Mac said...

Lucky you to be in Perth for that concert - but I am amazed people were allowed in late, it never used to happen! Must have been Ian's lack of hair which made the staff think you were old! Cheers


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