Tuesday, May 14, 2013

stills feel a little like summer

In which case we are going to have a bbq tonight

 Our front garden needs cleaning and weeding and some replanting but this little gem is flowering

 As always lots of excitements here - three new Opulent paints - I have had my samples since whenever but these finally rocked up. Hopefully on the web tomorrow - along with Studios magazine and yesterday Somerset Studio arrived as well. I packaged mountains of Maori carded wool but the pile is still big - another day I feel. Our parcel from Paper Artsy finally arrived after nearly a month - good old useless parcel service - the delivery man kind threw it at me.

While I was in the studio still cleaning my stencils - I thought I would throw a little paint through this one. There is another jar of beautiful colour which I did not get but I always ever hopeful.

Ian has spent a lot of time today buying a new car - another little town car but this time we are back to 5 doors so no-one will have to climb into the back! We will get it on Thursday so one last day with the hire car. He beat them down as much as he could but was disappointed with losing a bit of the battle.

i have started a large piece of work - Secrets of the Labyrinth - for the WAFTA exhibition - my embellisher working overtime and the light died. And loads of hand stitch to come.

E -mag is falling into place although nothing today but I am working on a special pdf which will be available free to all subscribers. As soon as we feel it is ready it will be on the website but certainly getting closer. New skills we are learning.

Off to light the bbq but time to pop on a jersey. I tripped down the front steps this morning and twisted my ankle silly me. Hobble hobble


Penny said...

Oh dear Dale, be careful or you may end up needing a new knee, like me!

Heather said...

Hope your ankle soon recovers. That gorgeous flower would make a perfect fascinator for a wedding guest.
Secrets of the Labyrinth sounds very interesting.
Enjoy the new car and your bbq. It still feels a little like winter over here!


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