Friday, August 24, 2012

Amazing - it is Friday already.

 One very happy Harley at Chez Rollerson - Harley knows she has everyone organised and is very happy and relaxed and FAT - she can just squeeze in and out of her door. She has supersonic ears though and can hear something which might sound like her biscuits (even when it is coffee beans) from anywhere on the property.

Last night we went to a fabulous restaurant - West End Deli - we have been before but it was fabulous - there are loads of restaurants around us but so many of them are not worth visiting - just as well we have our favourites.

We have had another busy week getting through some of our tasks - I had to go to the dentist and pretend that the abcess on my gums had only been there a wee while when in fact it has been there for 2 months. Have to go back and have things sorted. Not keen on dentisit visits.


Julie said...

You and me both with the dentist Dale. I have to face a new dentist next week as my dentist of 40 years retired :-(

Good to know who's boss in the house, no contest when there's a cat about! I love your beautiful Tiffany lamp. Gorgeous!

Heather said...

My favourite dentist has retired too and I'm due to meet the new one next month. Sympathies over the abcess - horrid things, but you'll be so glad when it is sorted.
Ian and Harley look very relaxed but I know only one of them has really earned it!

Maggi said...

Hard to believe that she was so nervous not so long ago. She looks totally relaxed there - not been sharing Ian's red wine I trust. Hope the return dentist visit isn't too traumatic

Robin Mac said...

Dale, how did you manage for so long with an abscess, mine was so painful that I was glad to be rid of the tooth quickly! that was preferable to a visit to Brisbane for specialist treatment at a very amazing cost! Harley is certainly boss of the house now. Cheers

Kekoa Pika said...

Seems like you had a very busy day. By the way i like that blue lamp.. it's so beautiful? did make that one?
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