Thursday, August 16, 2012

playing with this and that

 I am experimenting with hand dyed gauze although it could be not hand dyed but I happen to have some to play with. Plenty of ideas and a long list of what I might try but here I have printed on the surface - this is actually the stones on the outside shower where we stay in Broome and the background is Kimberley Dreaming. I have got various bits and pieces in stages as I am trying to create surfaces for stamping, stencilling etc and of course, stitch. Watch this space.

 Last night we went to the ACO - a fabulous concert as they always are - the Beethoven 9th Symphony. The concert hall was packed to the gunnels. Richard Tognetti is such an inspiration and no matter what they play you have to feel involved.

The wonderful Clare College Choir.

The week has continued busy - not sure what we do but Kazuko and Bruce came back last night after a lovely long holiday in Japan.

For all the lovely people in South Australia who are always asking - we have taken a stand at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival 28th Sept to 1st October so we hope to see lots of you there. We will have lots of our lovely goodies of course but we can't bring everything so if you have special desires, let me know.

All sorts of excitements have been arriving this week - the lynne Perella stamps from Paper Artsy

42 new stencils from The Crafters Workshop

and the first of our cotton sateen and hand dyed cotton thread in our Collection range - so far Rae has done Earth Elements and Illuminations
I am really taken with the threads.

That is enough for tonight - back to play with my gauze


Heather said...

Love your experiment, and Beethoven is one of my favourite composers. You sound just as busy as ever. Enjoy your weekend.

Julia Ionov said...

Wow, you must've enjoyed there. haven't been at the concert before unfortunately. Never experience the ambiance and the atmosphere at that kind of musical concert.
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