Monday, August 27, 2012

Relaxing in Broome

Here we are in Broome - this is the frangipani tree by our room. Not so many flowers out at present but I love the leaves as well. We arrived yesterday and up to now, under Ian's instructions, have been doing very little. Swimming of course as it is hot.

We like staying here at the Bali Hai, and have been coming here for quite some time. We have our own outside area where we can eat, read etc and enjoy it. You will see the bedside lamp which, it would seem, was purchased for us and only we have used it. I do believe it is on our file! Can't read at night without it.....

The BBQ where we cooked our steak last night and will cook our threadfin salmon tonight. We went into town and bought some wine glasses because the ones here are not that good and if you like good wine you should have decent (not expensive though) glasses.

And our entree - very fresh local prawns and a Chardonnay

Life is good


Heather said...

It all looks and sounds perfect. Enjoy.

Maggi said...

Sounds the perfect place to relax. Lovely that they are catering to your individual needs as well.


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