Sunday, August 19, 2012

at the end of the weekend

 I treated myself to two bunches of roses this weekend - I figure that they are always going to be cheaper than buying them in Paris. There were lots of tulips as well but they looked they would flop over once they hit the vase. In our garden we actually have freesias so it must be spring

 And to prepare for spring, I swept the decking and planted some new herbs (couldn't see any basil so must remember that) and also tried a tomato again. You never know - I might get lucky this year.

Yesterday we did lots of photographing for the Romeo book and started placing the photos in the layout. This is when I discover that I have misplaced some of my work and need to create some more for the gaps so guess what I will be doing tomorrow. I also cut and rolled about half of the new embossed kunin felt - some people may remember that I got a sample at CHA in January and have been waiting patiently for the shipment since then. There are 11 colours and they are all on the web - 3 different patterns - this one is Alligator which actually reminds me of bricks in the wall - at the top I have stitched some and then carved out with the Versa tool - the bottom one is using the heat gun. I like the more controlled effect and you could stitch some, not stitch some, burn out some and not burn out some and layer things up. I have plenty of ideas for using it in my work. The electric knife was not working that well yesterday and I ended up cutting most of the fabric by hand - quite calloused hands today.

We also watched the first of the Bledisloe Cup games yesterday and  happy that the ABs won but it was a bit of a dour game with both sides playing cautiously - be interesting to see what happens next weekend.


Heather said...

Beautiful roses and lovely to be able to grow freesias.
I like what you are doing with the patterned kunin felt and love the effect with layers.
Hope your hands soon recover.

Judy said...


Love those roses, my favourite colour. Like the sound of the Embossed Kunin Felt. Nice lot of herbs there, we cant grow Basil here till January and then only in the green house.

Unknown said...

Those roses would definitely look good in your garden. Hope it will bloom and not withered. Its such a loss if it will.
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Kekoa Pika said...

Beautiful roses. I love he colors. Indeed they will look good in the garden... =)
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