Friday, August 31, 2012

nice to go away - nice to be home again

 It's always fabulous to go away but good to get home especially to your own bed. Here is a smart fat cat - aka Harley - captured by Kazuko last Saturday about to enter her wee door. It is amazing she squeezes in really and so funny to watch her go out. As you can see, she has her very own platform inside and outside. She was pleased to see us late last night but it really is related to her tummy rather than us - Aunty Patricia had filled her up with lots of yummy stuff during the week. Prior to Harley we have only ever had sleek pussy cats light to lift up!

 We flew back last night and spent most of the day at the pool but had a very nice late lunch at Zanders - spring rolls and calamari and a bottle of Chardonnay (well - we had been on holiday and it was about to end). We flew back business class because we were using out points and we could not come back economy. We were the only people in business - nice to stretch out but not worth it really for a 2 and half hour flight and you wouldn't want to have paid money for it. (well you have to be able to accumulate points but I am sureyou know what I mean)

 Grant is sailing in San Francisco in the 18ft skiff - if you enlarge the photos you will see a black swan on his sail - and if you are in San Fran the bridge to bridge is on today. He has been doing well - wouldn't we love to be there as groupies.

 On Wed they had 3 races and he had a 1st and 2nd and was leading in the third when they had a big you know what and you can see them on the right - by the time they got back up they were last and headed back to shore so they are running 3rd overall.

We have arrived back to a delivery of Quilting Arts Gifts which we will send out today. If you want a copy and haven't pre-ordered it, we do have a few over but I doubt if they will last long. There a few other parcels awaiting us at the post office - hoping one is what I am waiting for. I have set up a new facebook page for learning and sharing - and I will link it to the blog - just playing - that is what happens when I go on holiday - the brain cogs have even more time to whirl around. In the meantime - back to work or - off to work. I managed a wee bit of drawing while I was away but I also sketched and plotted new ideas for a new topic. Oh well - soon....


Heather said...

Welcome Home! Harley will either have to diet or get a larger cat door! That lunch looks good. Good Luck to Grant and his crew. The new facebook page sounds very interesting. Don't work too hard!!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale, must have been nice to have a break, and a beautiful spot for time-out. Harley does look fat in that photo, never mind she look lovely and healthy.


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