Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday and off we go again for some r and r

 Great game of rugby this afternoon with the All Blacks having a great win and retaining the Bledisloe Cup
Then we had a curry and stuff with Kazuko and Bruce

Tomorrow we are off to Broome for a few days r and r - looking forward to swimming, relaxing, bbqing (lots of fresh fish cheaper than Perth), drawing, reading and maybe stitching. Back on Thursday night and not even packed. We intend being very early as we were not allowed to check in last time because of some obnoxious Qantas person even though we were in time and we had to hang around Perth airport (yikes) until the afternoon. not that we have packed or anything.

Thanks for all the emails about Harley and my abscess - it doesn't hurt but the tooth has to come out and i had avoided it becasue the dentist will talk about implants and stuff and I reckon I will live with a gap at the back...

I will post while I am away - be out looking for some different picies of Broome


Heather said...

Glad you aren't in pain - have a lovely restful break. I love the colours of those rocks in your photo against that wonderful blue.

Ali Honey said...

Must be the yellow boots? Some good performances there but not the most amazing game. Still a win is a win!


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