Monday, October 24, 2011

everything here is running hot hot hot

First here is a very happy Ian after a stressful game. Trust Les Bleus to make us all sweat. At least there are now about 4 and half million happy kiwis. To even think of the other does not bear thinking about.

I think everyone knows we are back - the phone has been running hot all day and we are slogging our way through all the orders. Sent the CPS Gifts and the Quilt Scenes will be posted tomorrow. We have a few spare of these if anyone is interested. Haven't even had a moment to look inside. We also had a huge shipment of sari ribbon arrive - more Vanilla Beans and Old Roses (just as well as there were none left), mushroom is back in again and a new colour range - sort of sparkling turquoise - rather yummy actually. It isn't what I asked for but that is what is exciting. While I have a colour chart - the range I request is always rather unrelated to what actually appears but it makes each lot that bit individual and I love the unexpectedness. We took a lot to Ally Pally and had very few over. We also took and awful lot of flimsies and had none over on day 2.

Off to have tonight's bbq and a relax. Keep leaving comments on yesterday's blog and I will do my draw on Wed.


Robin Mac said...

I think you need another holiday to get over everything! Cheers

Heather said...

After each of your trips you seem to get home and hit the ground running! You certainly can't complain of boredom!! Enjoy your bbq.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Wow! Your blog has become a travel guide! I found your experiments with Rust Easy (way back in September!) to be intriguing. The results were lovely.


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