Monday, October 03, 2011

headless chooks

As usual we are running around like headless chooks - actually that is not quite correct - Ian is very organised. It has been raining in Melbourne so Jacinta has sent me enormous bags of lovelies to dry for the suitcases to fly away. These are flimsies (prefelts) hanging on my line.

Not much room for clothes I hear you say and I have had many suggestions that I could just buy new red shoes in France - you never know.
Here's some more laying drying - lots of silk hankies, caps, soft cocoons etc.

We enjoyed more good rugby yesterday but saddened by the news that Dan Carter is out of the rugby world cup. I feel for anyone who has worked as hard as he has - but I am sure all the other players will be out to do their very best as well. The pools are over and the quarter finals are next weekend. I wonder what happens if you are late to your stand on the Sunday morning?

And I nearly  forgot - the AB draw - Canada played well but they were never going to win but they got 2 tries so will be thrilled. Our of the bowl of names I drew Robin's so I will send you a pile of threads in black and white and red today. Enjoy.

The other night I watched the most fabulous documentary on SBS. titled 'Been Rich All My Life' about the Silver Belles.  I was so impressed and apparently most of them are still going strong in their 90s. Fantastic.

I am also really pleased that my workshop on 12th November is almost full - there is one place left. I am looking forward to it - Ian is in charge of the catering.  If you are interested - check out the workshop tab at the top


Heather said...

All those fibres and fabrics look so luscious - absolutely irresistible. If you run out of suitcase space you could simply wrap yourself in prefelts instead of garments and just hope you don't have a sell-out!! Red shoes look good with everything, or nothing!

Doreen G said...

If Ian needs a reference for his cooking I am happy to supply it to anyone interested.
Have a great time while you are away.

Robin Mac said...

Wow, I am excited - thanks so much. I will have to make sure I put them to good use won't I! I'll bet all those lovely pre-felts just fly off your stall and you will be left with empty spaces. Bill has just said empty spaces don't cost anything to bring home, but I disillusioned him on that one - I imagine you will have more in them coming home than you are taking over!

Linda Stokes said...

They look yummy Dale! would love to do your W/S but unfortunately am otherwise engaged on that day - maybe next time.
Hope Ally Pally goes well & have a wonderful holiday.

Sue Krekorian said...

I love that jewel toned flimsy hanging nearest the camera - can I buy it or do you need it for AP UK?

All went well, slept well during op and virtually no pain now - only when I do my pelvic tilt exercise to ward off bed sores.

Have a good trip and good on you, getting the upgrade xxx

dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Dale,
They all look wonderful. Hope there are some left on Sunday! See you then.


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