Friday, October 14, 2011

More exploring in the Luberon

Ian opening our gate - the owners house is below us and yesterday the gardener showed us through the garden as they are on holiday. With that garden I would stay at home - c'est magnifique

We went to the markets at Menerbes - not so big now it is getting towards the winter but the lady on the right is the wife of the gardener and our who to ask help from man. She does very nice embroidery.

A visit to a caves in Menerbes - these Roses start at 450euros and go to 3500euros or even higher. I saw a small child pick one up and had to look the other way.

As you can see I do love these roof tiles - great inspiration - look at the colours - the texture and the shape.....

Another something which caught my eye - I actually think my photography might be improving - Ian is taking all the good pics which I add when we are back home again

And some more of those many steps

Today we are off to check out Rousillon and Apt - maybe - remember we are on holiday........


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Heather said...

More wonderful photos - I am enjoying being an armchair traveller! Our weather is slightly southern France today - I've had the patio doors open all morning. I love those tiles, archways, steps and old doors too, and especially that little tower high up in the wall.
Those rose wines look good enough to drink!


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