Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mostly Menerbes

Ian enjoying the sunshine - the weather is exceptional and he is in seventh heaven as he can watch loads of planes roaring through the very blue skies.

Looking out through our gate. By the way our Menerbes is in Provence not Spain of course. One has no control over what blogger does to my words at times.

These are the steps leading down from our house to the road below. Menerbes is a beautiful place just like everywhere we explored yesterday - we have been before so it was like visiting old friends.

An acorn tree up in Le Petite Luberon.

Which one to choose? A camera full to the brim with photos and loads of inspiration. We managed to go hungry because we had sort of forgotten that everything closes during the middle of the day and by the time we decided on lunch everything was finished. So we finally came back and enjoyed cheese and pate and wine in our courtyard and then when we decided on dinner only one restaurant was open but it was full - Veranda where we went the previous night and it was fabulous. Anyway didn't do us any harm to go without dinner. Off to the markets here in Menerbes this morning after breakfast and then more explore.

Robin and Doreen - you are both correct but I am enjoying the indulgence of that enormous shower head while we are here! Jacky - sorry I missed you - I did rush in and out during the show so I could see things - Ian whipped off for breaks too.

Most important - Ian is sorting out the tv for viewing the rugby on sat and sun......



Penny said...

Sounds and looks fabulous, I am dreaming Provence for next year, we will see.

Clare said...

Bienvenue! You have picked one of the most beautiful parts of France and at the right time of year. 3 months ago you wouldn't have been able to step out of the front door.

I haven't been to the Luberon for years - not since Peter Mayle published A Year in Provence. Hope to correct that error next year.

Heather said...

It looks so picturesque and unspoilt there and the weather seems perfect. It's very refreshing to try a different way of life for a while.

Amanda said...

Not another aviationaholic!! I've one of those too. :-). It looks idyllic And sometimes all you need is the purest of meals with exceptional company.

The rugby should be on show somewhere if you can't fix your own what with France playing. I'm hoping you will catch it all!

Ursula Clamer said...

What a stunning place to be in, glad you are both enjoying yourselves.


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