Tuesday, October 04, 2011

yeah - we got an upgrade

Very unimaginative photo but this is the big bag all packed and waiting and only a half hour to go and my bag is empty apart from flimsies and hankies so I may have to wear them at his rate. Best news is we got an upgrade from Singapore to London upstairs on the A380 so we are very excited about that.

I am hoping to post while we are away - certainly in Provence but Muwell Hill is always tricky. I am taking minimal arty stuff and hope to be inspired by what I find and see.


Heather said...

Have a good journey - you don't seem to have alloted any time for jetlag! Perhaps, being such seasoned travellers it doesn't affect you. It took me a whole week to recover from flying back to UK from Canada! But then I had never done it before - or since.

Penny said...

Have a great time, thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Ro Bruhn said...

Have a wonderful time Dale, you certainly get around.


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