Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing is good

Playing IS good. A little while ago a professional colleague of mine told me in public that real art does not come from playing around or words to that effect. Her opinion was that all art needs design and every single piece she creates or works is planned and perfect (very much words to that effect). Now I happen to think that is garbage but I simply couldn't be bothered responding and walked away. Do we all remember when we were young and told we couldn't do something (i.e. you can't sing because your sister can so you must play the piano - said sister got the reverse) or when we produced something we thought was great, we were told that it was pretty bad. I think it is imperative that we play which is just as well because that is what I like to do. Even if your attempts don't look very good you can do all sorts of other things with them such as paint over, stitch over, cut them up - I have loads and loads of samples as many people know - some look good, others not so but they are all part of a very valuable learning curve. You will never learn unless you try and trying means experimenting and making notes and learning from your mistakes. You cannot break the rules by the way, unless you have learned them first. Don't get me wrong - I think design is very important as well of course. What's all of that got to do with the above? Well I had a play - bonded webbing to black polycotton, ironed some silver flakes on and sponged through three lovely Opulence paints

argeant (silver)                           chaya (lichen but more to a citron )           shaqui (subtle purple)

Doesn't it look good? Well I think so and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tomorrow if I have a moment I plan to stitch on it and show you some more. Maybe if it works out to be not so good - I have certainly learnt something from it - seeing how the colours work together and in harmony with the silver metallic flakes. And a little bit more.

If you are waiting for the taster section - see tag above - you will see I have put up an explanation. My first taster should be up tomorrow - it's not this piece here - that needs more work - but an old friend to some with a wee new twist.

We are almost up to date - the latest cloth paper scissors arrived this afternoon and they will all be sent out tomorrow - we certainly have a heap of mags arriving at once. I think Stitch Gifts  must be making its way as well. This is quite a good issue actually - I had a wee read through when I had my lunch at 2pm.

The rugby draw - we have only watched the replay once by the way and were still rather nervous - however they won again. I put all the names in the bowl - I found a black bowl - and out I drew fibre friend - I think that is Sue - email me so I don't send your parcel of blackness to someone else. Roll on the next rugby world cup in 4 years (only joking) .....



Unkind ridiculous comment. You are certainly one of the most innovative creative people in our textile world. Experimentation / playing / design all completely worthwhile. Its the DOING that counts, enjoying & creating. Long may you carry on doing EXACTLY what you do, enhance our lives with your creativity.
Ba humbug to the silly person who said that to you - jealousy or get a life comes to my mind
Shelagh x

Maggi said...

I'm not surprised you walked away after a comment like that. Whatever you call it, experimentation or play the result is the same in that we stretch ourselves to understand the materials we are working with and, more importantly, we enjoy what we are doing.

Heather said...

Experimenting is a wonderful way to learn and must be how many artists find new ways of using products and producing different effects. Too much planning of a piece of work can lose spontaneity and character. Those remarks sound a bit like sour grapes to me.
Love those colours on the black fabric and look forward to seeing what comes next.

Roxanne said...

I think anyone who would make such a comment as your colleague did feels threatened and uses those comments as a defense. It reminds me of a critique give a painting of mine a few years ago. The 'critic', a professional, made fun of the fact that my painting wasn't framed (at the time I couldn't afford a frame) but he never mentioned the painting itself.

Doreen G said...

I am glad that you experiment Dale because you then tell me what to do then I can go and play.

Ali Honey said...

I agree - playing, experimenting call it what you like is a great way to learn. I spent 2 days last weekend doing just that.

Ian looks happy....I was just a nervous wreck.
Having seen the close up reruns in slow motion of the eye couging on Ritchie I think it was big of him just to let it go. He has always got away with as much as he could but I don't think he ever resorted to dirty tactics.
In our newspaper there was an enlarge photo of the fingers clawing his face..... disgusting behaviour.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Some people make the most foolish statements, only worth ignoring, glad you walked away. I love the way you approach things with a sense of adventure about what wIll evolve, to me it is the way to go. I'm an infant in the mixed media field and have followed your lead and I play till I find which direction I need to move in. Design is fine, but it can be far too controling and rigid, and play is the the way through to the ultimate design anyway. Keep doing what you do best. you give us all so much encouragement to follow our ideas too.

I thought of you when I saw the All Blacks won the cup, they really know how to play rugby those boys.

I am very taken with this play piece and look forward to further evlovement down the track

Amanda said...

I think all my work would come under the heading 'play'. Even if if I have to work something out it would be classed as fag packet stuff. How awful to be so restricted by what was planned before.

Another thing that really pees me off is some of these oh so lofty, and totally incomprehensible 'Artists Statements' on a piece of work. I really couldn't give a fig about which part of the cosmos their brain was in whilst addressing world poverty and the merging of atoms on a leaf face. If I like something it's for a reason only something in me knows (or sometimes not lol).

I'll put the soap box away now. Enjoy the black stuff Sue!

Dorothy said...

I agree with the comments others have written. Design has its place, me myself I like a bit of serendipity, I often start with an idea but that's when play begin. Much more fun and satisfying.
Your willingness to play is an inspiration to so many.

Robin Mac said...

What a ridiculous comment to make and how hidebound she must be! Playing can bring out the most wonderful results, especially when it is you playing - long may you keep going. I agree with the comment about the 'artist statements' as well. They always sound so pompous and self righteous to me! love the black piece. Cheers

Ursula Clamer said...

I think that art requires what the artists requires. There are those that need design & planning, those that need play and many that need both. One of the best DVD's I have watched (repeatedly) is 'Studio: Australian Painters on the nature of Creativity' which highlights just how differently everyone creates. For someone to say that their method & thoughts are they only way is very insecure and narrow minded. Good on you for walking away.
I love what you have created in your play, very inspiring. Thankyou for sharing. Ux

Laura Lundrigan said...

How supercilious.
I have 2 friends - one is spontaneous and carefree in her approach, the other is almost scientific in her approach to anything she works on. Both produce wonderful artwork through different approaches. I myself see the need to experiment.


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