Sunday, October 16, 2011

Le Rugby 2

An anxious morning - anyone would think we were playing - but with a fabulous result for the All Blacks. We will be home to watch the final with a BBQ.

To celebrate, we went up the road for lunch - beautiful day.

These are you Jacinta and no need to fly over - I have pigments for you too...

Can't wait to get back home to play with them.

Yesterday w went to Apt where I did not find any fabric - I did not want tablecloths or serviettes or bed covers so I will have to colour my own. Instead we had a very nice lunch and because the couple next to us were having desert we thought we should too...

After lunch today we went for a walk up higher in Menerbes



Heather said...

I like the look of those pigments and the desserts look pretty good too. Do you think the rugby final might be a foregone conclusion?

Ali Honey said...

Ah, the relief! Didn't they play well!
Have fun and a safe journey home.

Jen M said...

I hope you enjoyed the result in the Rugby, Dale. The All Blacks were by far the better team! Menerbes looks a beautiful place for a holiday!


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