Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kia ora

Greetings from Lake Rotoiti on my side - shows I have been doing something as well as relaxing and exploring.

Most importantly Ian is making coffee to start our day.

Outside our 'house' some snow up high.

Haven't bought bananas in Perth for ages at $16 a kilo - these 4 cost $2 and weighed half a kilo and tasted pretty good too!

Location:Lake Rotoiti


Ali Honey said...

It is always lovely to have you 2 back in NZ. Have a relaxing time and enjoy the tuis.( better than watching the rugby! ) One of the tuis in my garden really loves the birdbath and swims/washes every day no matter how cold. It goes under the water at least 6 times on every bath.

Heather said...

That looks like a wonderfully natural, unspoiled and peaceful place Dale - you seem to have the best of both worlds with that mod.cons kitchen. Love your little piece of work with your 'trademark' fern leaf!

Doreen G said...

Kia ora to you Dale.
Those bananas look great--I finally succumbed to temptation several weeks ago and paid $3. for one banana--and it wasn't worth it.
Haven't got my CPS yet only one more to go after this one and they can shove it after that.

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Dale,
Good to see you having fun. I like that piece you have just done.
What does Kia Ora mean? In the
1930's/1940,s we used to have a fruit drink called that. It came in a lovely pottery flask with a cork in it. We still have one in the family... used as an ornament.
You can' t reply to me onthe address with this message (wrong email) so I'll have to wait for my answer.

Robin Mac said...

Kia Ora to you both, glad to see you are having such a wonderful time. Bananas are down to $5 a kilo at my local greengrocer, and full of flavour, but still $10 at Coles and Woolies - does that say something? Cheers

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

What a lovely piece of art work you have been busy. Great view of the snow peaks. Hope Ian made nice coffee for you both.


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