Saturday, August 20, 2011

a new theme and some favourite books

the newest sari ribbon colours - I have wound some out in readiness for use - it's the ironing that takes the time. Forest and Iron Ore and the greens - I love that when you get inside each hank there is such a myriad of colours and each hank is different so you never know and I never know what they are sending me anyway - it never seems like what I asked for. I guess that is what makes each hank unique...

The first page of my mew theme - all woven and stitched
and this is the back and now they are blanket stitched together. I like to use blanket stitch - it is sort of friendly.

One of my favourite cook books and I have just cooked up the Oxtail recipe on page 162 - a big favourite of ours - for tomorrow as it has to sit overnight especially to remove all the fat but also to develop the flavour. I ahve been a fan of Stephanie Alexander for a long long time.

I bought this a few weeks back - my latest bedtime reading - fabulous salades - just about time for bbqs and salades.

Another gorgeous book full of images to die for - we haven't been to Ireland but we must before too long.

Shelagh sent this wondrful book by Stephanie Redfern - she has been so lucky to go to a workshop and see her books in the flesh. Shame.

Waiting for the rugby soon - the All Blacks vs South Africa. Here's hoping.....


Heather said...

Gorgeous sari ribbons and I love your woven and stitched piece. I take favourite cookery books to read in bed too, even though I am trying not to think about food!! Hope you get the rugby result you want.

Julie said...

I agree, beautiful colours if the sari silks. I've never seen these colours over here as far as I can remember. Hope the rugby's good.

Judy said...

Hello! on Suday Dale, looking forward to seeing your new sari rbbon project back and front look great. The only thing I find about Sari ribboms is the ironing, I know I don't have to iron them but like them that way. Love Stephnie Alexander's book, must shot myself one.


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