Wednesday, August 03, 2011

a wet wednesday

today we filled the big van we have hired with most of the big stuff and drove it to Claremont for the show this Friday onwards. At one point it rained very heavily and of course we got very wet. But it means we have made good progress and tomorrow shouldn't be so bad. Our stand looks to be bigger than last year - if that is possible. Didn't take my camera but I will tomorrow before we start setting everything up.

I have made a couple more tags - an interesting exploration here.

Last night we went to Il Pasto - our fabulous new Italian restaurant - I had eggplant lasagne - very nice. Then we indulged in dessert and had tiramisu

have to say my photo doesn't do it justice - it was lovely.

On creative brain edges, we have started a new topic for August - teapots - this is mine and i am looking forward to drawing it.

finally - the newsletter is done and sent out - let's hope it works properly this month.  Somewhere between the last blog writing and this one, we managed to get all the Studios out - I think there are a couple left.

We should sleep well tonight after all of our carting in preparation for tomorrow's.

I am feeling somewhat ill-fated - I tested the newsletter twice and it really was August - then I sent it out to everyone and it mysteriously changed to July. I need to go back to school - I will start getting a nervous twitch every time I am due to sent the newsletter.....

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Heather said...

The tags are looking good and I love your teapot. I also love tiramisu. I went to try out my flower stitcher with your Let's Play book at hand, and think I need some sort of adaptor for my machine - very frustrating! Have a good weekend.


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