Sunday, August 14, 2011

slow old sunday

working away slowly today on a variety of activities including making some of my downunder tags - sorry about the shadow on the picture - I am thinking about Ally Pally and bringing little treats from downunder to upover.

Last night we stayed up to watch the Wallabies play the Springbox - the former won but it was a pretty dreary game and we had to keep ourselves from falling asleep.

Went off to check on the progress at Grant's house - lots of steel and we climbed 'upstairs' to have a look at the world around - the living will all be upstairs with decking and stuff - will be great when it is finished. Apart from the dogs everywhere and of course all barking, it's a good street where his house is.

here I am in full flight up on the top - the big metropolis of Perth is in the distance behind me

this is the original house at the front where Bruce and Kazuko are living - they were not there - we knew this because there were no bikes to be seen.


Heather said...

I love those tags Dale. It's always exciting to watch the progress of a new build or an extension. The house will be fantastic when it's finished.

Digitalgran said...

See you there Dale:)


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