Monday, August 22, 2011

I reckon Spring is as good as here.

Beautiful day yesterday - we relaxed and enjoyed it. Went to Mrs S for breakfast - Whatley Crescent in Mayland is a busy place and good to see. It was warm and even the wind was warm. Becasue they said a rain front was coming I went off to the nursery and bought herbs and stuff and planted them - overnight it was very windy and wet so that is a good start. I am hoping that this year my tomoatoes will in fact have tomoatoes which we can eat.  We sat outside the studio last night and enjoyed a glass of Momo and some prawns.

Grant is in San Francisco sailing SLAM but not sure at all how he is going. I am sure he will have a good week regardless.

We watched the rugby on Saturday night - I think the selectors had a hard night because there are too many good players to choose but tomorrow the squad will be announced so we are skittishly waiting for that news.

Loads of lovely comments left on The Thread Studio facebook page for the 700 prize draw which was won by Evelyn - FB wouldn't let me load her prize but here it is and all posted off tonight. We are working our way to 800 already - when I will have another prize draw.

I still seem to have a long list of things I should have done but have not yet - I shall blame the weather entirely. I am still making tags for Ally Pally and have now started on the idea of some flags to hang on our stand. In the meantime I did some work using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) onto Evolon and lightweight Lutradur. I know some people in Australia have had trouble with TAP but I can honestly say it has always worked for me and I don't always leave it in a bag in the dark - in fact the words above were printed some time back and I found them under the table when I was vacuuming on Saturday so I transferred it with my fingers crossed. I personally think there was a bad batch but no-one seems to want to take responsibility for it. We do sell an awful lot though so our turn over is good. I guess my advice woudl be to buy it when you need it - I don't believe that humidity is the issue it has been made out to be. It's pretty humid here too.

I have just posted my Friday offering to Creative Brains blog - I shall blame the weather for being days late on that one too.


Heather said...

Hope your herbs flourish and I love Evelyn's basket of goodies. She's in for a real treat when she opens her parcel. Love your TAP printed piece - I haven't tried that but it sounds good. Good Luck to SLAM.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Hey Dale - I am still having trouble commenting on the holey moley blog...seems to take forever to load and I get sick of waiting! don't seem to have this problem on any other blog. Anyhow - I AM enjoying seeing what you are posting and look forward to seeing what you have to show us next. My 3 month contract only has a month to go so you will see more holey moley creativity from me late September I hope. Keep enjoying that sunshine :-)

Ev said...

Thank you once more for the huge bag of goodies - the photo you have just doesn't do it justice, I am also glad I didn't have time to come on here last night and see the picture, it made the opening of the parcel all the more sweet. Once I have my wee dragon made for a swap I will get down to work playing with this vast amount of "stuff". Currently it is sitting on my kitchen bench so every time I walk past it makes me smile...

Teresa said...

I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco this time last year and that harbour is magnificent.......I hope Grant's having a good time.
I have some TAP but haven't used it yet.....I've heard it doesn't last and has a shelf life, but haven't heard that humidity affects it. I will print on it now though as I can keep what I've printed, rather than lose the use of TAP. I did lose the colour from my disperse dyes over the summer and was told that was due to the humidity....still, what I did use, I had fun with.


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