Saturday, August 06, 2011

veddy veddy busy weekend

We have been pretty busy these last few days - setting up and being at the show - 2 days down and 1 to go - lovely to see so many people and to see so many goodies going off to new homes. It's been fabulous to have Linda Baldock as our guest - she is so talented and happy to share her wonderful ideas with me for which I am super happy - and I have really enjoyed playing with easy peasy silk paper and developed a few new ideas - always exciting - tomorrow I shall be playing with something different. It's hard deciding what to do each day and when you are demoing you have just finished something and along comes someone else to ask the same question so for me it's time to move to next thing.

We had a news blackout because the rugby started at 3.30 while we were working but we rushed home to watch it with the gang and wow - what a fabulous game. Those who know us will know we were very overjoyed with hte results - the All Blacks played superbly - may it continue.

Sunday coming up and a lot more carting of stuff - maybe we could have a wee sleep in on Monday - not so sure about that....

1 comment:

Heather said...

Hope you get your sleep-in Dale, or at the very least an afternoon nap to help recharge your batteries. It sounds as if you have had a good weekend.


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