Saturday, March 10, 2007

saturday stuff

These are my fabric charms to send off on Monday - with a medieval theme. I have to make an admission that this is the first time I have used my melting pot and I am amazed at myself - it was so easy and convenient and why haven't I used it earlier - time probably. However I intend to continue with it so you can expect to see little molten edges for a while.

The studio is pretty chaotic with 2 tables inside - one waiting to come back into the office so I have somewhere to put my business stuff instead of on the floor. On Monday a lot of goodies will move back into the house temporarily for the photo session on Tuesday not to mention the rapid garden development in at least one section.

The rugby was very exciting last night with the Force winning their first at home game. So for that to happen the Hurricanes had to lose - talk about tension at the end. See if Ian's team wins this afternoon. The 22 All Black players join their teams again on Monday - that will be interesting.

The weather is more condusive to my knitting today so happy to keep on with it.


Leanne Hurren said...

Lovet hese charms dale - did you make those keys? They're so cute

Doreen G said...

I used my melting pot for the second time yesterday but didn't end up with stuff like this --will try again now'

Dianne said...

These are cool Dale, can't wait to get mine!!

Digitalgran said...

Ooh, I wonder which one is mine! Mags, Who does not even know what you do with a melting pot.


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