Saturday, March 31, 2007

rugby on saturday

The Hurricanes won again today so hopefully they are back on track. In fact we watched 3 games of rugby this afternoon but I did wind silk yarn into hanks and finish the knitted strap and edges for my knitted embellished bag so did no waste my time. I also did some more finishing off of the book so we are getting closer to it being a real thing.

I have done some more using the dragon's breath ink and iron gall - this time on tissutex. I painted acrylic wax over the top but it didn't react at all. I have pleated the tissutex (I have one to play with for the embellisher) and will think about how I might use it. I also found a wonderful poem entitled Dragon's Breath.

my TAST samples are going to be late - nearly got a couching one ready but I have used couching lots of times - especially when I did a study of Medieval embroidery. THen I will look at the one which should be ready tomorrow....

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