Monday, March 05, 2007


At the Art Retreat a number of people were trading ATCs and even though I didn't have any, I scored these three.

Three full on workshops in three days is what you might call exhausting, especially when you are teaching in a room without windows and not much ventilation with all the mixed media stuff I had. But the classes went well and the participants were great. That's the last mixed media workshops I shall be doing for ages - at least this year. Back to the embellisher. I took my embellisher with me and let them all play and they had a great time. For non stitchy people it is so easy. Had trouble dragging a few away.

Debbie Baker gave me these wonderful paper napkins at the Art Retreat - she was in my class Frescoes and Fragments and aren't they great? When I have recovered I shall be using them for sure. I spent today cleaning up my stuff and making my studio look more ready for work than it did over the weekend. I have my new big table up there and will move out my temporary one tomorrow. Also did some of my TAST sample which I will load later on.

Debbie reminded me about the challenge I posted some time back. I will be emailing all the people who emailed me in the next week. Not that I should be thinking about it as I am back to the book - knitting and embellishing section now to finish. Have not allowed myself to think more over the weekend - only whilst driving to and from Fremantle. I would hope that if those who asked are interestd, that we would start sometime in April.

This morning I had a sleep in although I woke at 6am as normal and had coffee in bed. Then Ian rushed to the shops to buy eggs and mushrooms so I could make omelettes for breakfast but he did bring back some lovely red roses as well. Next weekend we have to do some gardening and cleaning studio windows etc (not to mention what I have to do inside) as the Sunday Times people are coming on Tuesday to photograph for an article.

Lots of orders to start my day tomorrow - a sort of stock pile - our usual speedy service is a little behind but the specials are up almost at the beginning of the month.


Leanne said...

Love the paper napkins....the top one looks very similar to the Basic Grey Motifica scrapbooking paper....very gorgeous.

Marie said...

Hi Dale - I'm one of those who fell in love with your embellisher at the retreat ! Just gotta have one now... so much fun and gorgeous results for so little effort (most important factor! LOL) Just wanted to thank you for your class (Frag's and Fres's) I learnt so much about the gorgeous work that have looked at and admired for soooo long - a wonderful experience! Will def'ly be trying to do some more fibre work from now on!
PS thanks for pointing out yopur blog too!


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