Monday, March 26, 2007

back home again

We had a lovely weekend in Hobart although I swear I took the heat with us - on Friday it was so hot and muggy. Trip was not without excitements but nothing like violin strings or fountain pens. Plane was 2 hours late leaving Perth so we missed our connection and got put on a very late Jetstar plane which seemed to be full of all the waifs and strays who had missed flights and we got to Hobart at 1am. Believe it or not we had a sleep in. Then Ian left his mobile in a restaurant down by the water and he had to walk back to get it. Today our 4.15am wakeup call got messed up and it came at 3.15am for a 6.15 plane which left late. So it makes a long day when you get back to Perth. Unpacked 2 suitcases with 2 to go so it's now all in reverse. Did half the orders but not the ones with the things in suitcases.

I had a lovely embellisher workshop on Sunday (yesterday - it seems like a lifetime ago) and everyone did some great stuff. I hope they all enjoyed it too.

No pics or a whiff of pics - the main computer is playing up and driving us nuts so it looks like a doctor call is necessary.

It was lovely to see so many of our wonderful Tassie customers. Lots of you are just like friends as you have supported us since we began.

Back to the book tomorrow - have an isbn and a bar code so it is getting there.

I will also load my TAST tomorrow just in time to start the next one.

And tragically, my beloved Hurricanes lost and are now floundering near the bottom of the ladder even with their 6 All Blacks back. However, I am loyal and optimistic and am sure they will do much better next week back home in Wellington.

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