Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tiring Tuesday

I got 4 more 2" x 2" fabric in the post today and another one attached to a lovely postcard. I am about to start my 24 to get them aaway by the end of the week. There really are some fabulous swaps going on.

Margaret asked how one can work when it is over 42 degrees. One can't - we have spent today wading through our back log of orders and have nearly cleared the decks (down to 4 big ones to do in the morning before it starts again) but even with air con you only work at half pace. I got up well before 6am and had to go out to a supplier at one stage and to our warehouse but them crept back indoors again. Thank goodness for air cons.

ATCs - the stuff from Melbourne has just arrived and I am in the process of emptying the boxes and when I find the ATCs I shall be sending them on to their new owners. They were really all so wonderful. When I have the boxes empty I have to fill them up again to send the palett of stuff to Tasmania on Friday. It never rains but it pours. Wish it was actually.

One shoudl never wear white. It doesn't even suit me - I bought a top but after today's painting, I have lovely little red dots all over my top. Relegated to the old clothes dept already.

Tonight we are off to our local to eat - it is too hot to cook we reckon.


Penny said...

I just hope we dont get that sort of weather here, but we usually do. Not looking foreward to it, cold and windy and very drying here and with rain water tanks running out and the springs not running yet I just hope that cyclone off the north west comes over and drops some rain here.
Hope you cool down soon.
Those little charms look interesting.

Barbara said...

we are also looking forward to have better weather. in Germany we have all days rainy weather and we hope sun will be shining soon. grates Barbara

Leanne said...

I love the opportunity to relegate stuff to the old clothes bin...especially white tops, they are quite remarkable for turning into works of art themselves...painted paints to cover paint splotches, embroidery to enhance moth holes and lots of ditressed the theory goes....the ideas keep flowing and the pile gets bigger....maybe they just need to go out or I should start dusting!


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