Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here I am Once Again

 Here I am again - hard to get me off this lovely new bed cover - I only move off to eat and as I am usually pushed outside I wait until they have forgotten me and rush back inside. The only other time I escape outside is when HE turns the vacuum cleaner on. I think I was traumatized with a vacuum cleaner in my youth but my memory is a bit vague - I know I have to run away with my belly close to the ground.

 Thought I would play with the gelli late and try some letters - I love these sponge letters - i have about 2 packs of them left in the shop but I think I will collect one pack for myself because I know I cannot get any more. They work well for monoprinting although some letters back to front don't work. I love these stamps for the spongey irregularities.

 Fabbo  night last night - we had a small crowd and Ian and I were outnumbered but the All Blacks played very well indeed and won with a big margin. I still worry until the last moment though. Hope the game next weekend in wobbly Wellie is good as we are off to it.

Wed night we went to the ACO - fabulous as always and the Brahms Quintet lovely.

Seems to have stopped raining today so a little gardening - I need to go visit the nursery as spring will be here in a short time. I have also added a little tutorial on Supa Foil if you are interested.


Heather said...

Harley looks as if she knows how well she and the new bedcover complement each other. Love the sponge letter prints. Hope Wellington hasn't suffered too much damage.

Ali Honey said...

That's brave of you! Hope it says steady!
Some really exciting games this last weekend.....nice when we win too!


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