Saturday, June 01, 2013

Welcome to winter

Welcome to Winter and it really is cold here - for Perth

Last night we went to Jesus Christ Superstar - great show - great effects and everything and our first visit to the Perth Arena

So many people to seat and pretty efficient - same when it finished. We walked home.

Lot of lovely hand dyed silk laps to dry but they make lots of colour in the back garden.

Enjoying the rugby - shame the Hurricanes lost but really great to see the Highlanders won tonight - bit late though.

I am working on what seems an enormous piece of work for this exhibition. I am building up a background so just work on a little bit every time I run in and out of the studio


Heather said...

The colours of the silk laps are absolutely gorgeous. It sounds as if our weather is the exact opposite of yours. We have lovely warm sunshine and you could say summer has arrived at last. I've been gardening - getting the three essentials to coincide has been difficult: time, energy and the right weather conditions, but at last they are all here.

Frederika said...

Absolutely adorable these silk laps.
Love the colors.

Amanda said...

My goodness you were high up!!!

I missed the Lions game on Saturday but hoping to catch the one on Wednesday against Western Force but it might clash with another appointment I have. I was amazed that it's showing 11am here, that must be so late for you!!


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