Saturday, June 15, 2013

where exactly does time go?

It's Saturday already and while we have been very busy this week, i am still not sure what we have done. I have been trying to get working in the studio every day and mostly managed to unlock the door. I am working on my big piece for an exhibition with a deadline looming so it looks like loads of hand stitching coming up. Much bigger than I normally. Once that is out of the way I must get working on my Artful Journey piece for the Perth Show - I have some lovely pieces here from others - if you are coming to the show you will love seeing them all.

 I am also working on another lovely piece using flimsies and hand dyed cotton gauze. I love cloth creation and if you have the latest Embellish magazine (they arrived this week - we do have a few spares) you might see that I have an article on my patches. It's got a long way to go but quickly... You may recognize what I am doing on top.

One of the reasons I have been busy this week is the response to the Silk Fibre Club. WOW! This is a heap which went off in the post for month 1. You can read more about it here if you are interested.

And today I got the first lot of packaging done for the new club - the Wool Fibre Club. It works in exactly the same way for 12 months. Much more messy to put together as wool is bulky but just imagine all the different wool products on our kitchen floor for me to make my selection and you will be on track. All tidy now.

 Just a reminder that today is the last day for subscribers to the e-mag threads.In-fusion to be in the draw for $200 worth of silk fibres. We will be drawing a winner tomorrow morning. Of course you can subscribe any time. You don't need to be on facebook - it is an e-magazine. I thank everyone who has subscribed already and for the lovely comments. As well as the first issue there is a free pdf from me on Tissutex for everyone who takes out a subscription in June. $27.50 ($25) is pretty good for 4 issues. There is a magic pay pal button on the web page or you can use the usual suspects - Visa, MasterCard or direct deposit.

And finally before we watch the All Black vs Les Bleus in Christchurch for the second test, thanks for all the comments on the irises. I have no idea of its name - it was here when we came but I love seeing all the flowers appear -they have as good as finished now.


Heather said...

I would love to see your large piece of work myself - the textures are wonderful, as are the colours in the layered piece. How you find time for handstitching beats me! Don't work too hard.

Penny said...

It is an algerian iris, could look up its latin name if you like. Lots of stitching ahead for you. Do you stitch and watch rugby?


Love your e-mag Dale, good luck with it !


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