Monday, June 03, 2013


Big excitement of today is the launching of our e-mag - Ian worked so hard yesterday so I rewarded him with a meal out at our favourite new restaurant Ace Pizza - it is the closest restaurant to our home. The chef is brilliant - James - and they deserve their day off today after 21 days straight.

Back to the real news though - Ian still has the paypal button to add and the pictures to put on the free pdf which comes if you take out a subscription. Do check it out here

Just as well it is a holiday here in Perth not that we are. Harley knows it is as she has done nothing all day.
We are having a day off soon - just not sure when, There is a newsletter to get out as well. We hadn't forgotten in our excitement. And we are launching our Silk Fibre Club as well - that's not quite on the web yet either. But it is a 12 month club - every month for 12 months, we will send you a parcel of assorted yummy silk fibres in co-ordinated colours from our wonderful collection with a different ideas sheet each time along with a non-silk product for you to use with your silk fibres. $300 for 12 months or $30 a month.

See - we have been busy!


Trace Willans said...

that is awesome Dale. All I have done today is indigo dye my socks. x te

Heather said...

Great excitement for you both, and congratulations. I shall take a look later but am not supposed to be blogging at the moment!

wonderer said...

Congratulations to all three of you! (I'm sure Harley feels she helped too.) Wishing you and the e-mag great success. If everyone else is as excited as I am to subscribe, I'm sure it will be a hit.
Cheers ... Phyllis

Heather said...

Just signed up for a subscription to the e-mag and thankyou Ian for making it so easy. I still regard myself as a computer novice and have problems with some websites, but even I could do this!
I have quite a few silk fibres which I don't make good use of so am excited at the prospect of learning new things.

Amanda said...

E-mag is great and now a Silk Fibre club....... Ooooooooooooooo can't wait!!!

jackie said...

Well done,congratulations.


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