Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday outings a new habit?

Even though I was whizzing away on the studio it wasn't difficult for Ian to suggest a drive to Fremantle this afternoon. It was a beautiful winter's day and loads of people were out and about so fair enough that we joined them.

We had barramundi and chips and a Madfish wine at Kailis in Fremantle Boat Harbour.

Then we went for a stroll around the environs.

Manage to catch Ian as well.

Then we passed this little lady enjoying the sun.

So I shall have to get back whizzing away in the studio in the morning to meet my deadline. Tonight we are enjoying loads of rain dropping down. Harley is not.

I have had quite a few emails with suggestions for other clubs The Thread Studio could/should run. Love to hear other suggestions so I can make decisions shortly.


wonderer said...

Dale, there is nothing like a Sunday afternoon outing to refresh the mind and spirit and I'm betting you tear into tomorrow's tasks with renewed vigor. I find it works for me very well though I don't always manage it. But I try and it is good for me.
Cheers -- Phyllis

Heather said...

That looks like a lovely day out - great photos and beautiful surroundings. It has turned quite cool again over here and I am looking forward to feeling warm again.

Robin Mac said...

What a lovely day out - our son is in Fremantle for the next three weeks for work, he sent us photos of his surroundings - I think I should be there with him!! Cheers.


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