Thursday, June 06, 2013

Galloping Horses

 Galloping Horses? Well since I had these at Namh Thai and at Namh itself, I have been wanting to make the recipe.Quite a few years back I bought David Thompson's cook book - Thai Food - and have drooled over it off and on for ages but never cooked anything. (and no - you can't look inside the book)
the recipe for galloping horses was not difficult but time consuming - I had to get 100gm minced pork, 100gm of minced chicken, 100gm of minced prawn flesh etc etc so I had quite a collection of happenings in the kitchen. I crushed coriander roots in the mortar and pestle and crushed roasted peanuts etc then the phone rang and Ian was out walking. But I got it all together and while we watched the Lions eat up the Force last night, Johnathan, Ian and I enjoyed it on (well sort of on) pineapple and tangelo. The acidity of the fruit just makes it and you need fresh coriander on top and fresh finely sliced chillies - and our chillies are very hot straight from the garden. So I shall be happy to make it again.

There has been a wonderful response to the e-mag which is so rewarding and lovely comments. If you haven't taken a subscription, you should. you get a free pdf which will be ready in a day or two and the chance to go in the draw for a prize of silk fibres if you sign up before 15th June - which is not that far away.
And we have just introduced our brand new Silk Fibre Club and what a great response. I have had a lovely time today putting together the first month's selections. Playing with all that colour is amazing.

Loads of parcels today but not the one I was waiting for. Maybe tomorrow. What did come were ots of paints including a new paint.

The newsletter is almost finished - that's what happen when you have loads on your plate. But I am sure everyone will forgive us. We are but human after all....


Robin Mac said...

How on earth do you find time for fiddly cooking with everything else going on in your life? they do look interesting though. I am so glad with the response to your Threads-in-Fusion, I love it. Cheers

Heather said...

With everything you get through in a day you seem superhuman to me. The Thai recipe looks and sounds delicious and those silk fibres are beautiful.

jackie said...

I am pleased you also remembered Val. She loved new techniques, and was one of the first people I knew to have a digital camera.
You have just made me v. hungry.


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