Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Sunday again - help!

 Can't believe it is Sunday and 41 at that - and three more days  of it to go. I think the heat slows your brain down as well as everything else. These are the first two years of my blog which arrived this week - 2006 and 2007. blogtoprint and I am really pleased with them. Very professional job - not cheap but not too expensive and very good to have a record. I always worry that the blog will suddenly disappear and I will have lost it all. I have 2008 and 2009 on their way.

 Today I have been in the studio working away - loads of things in so many stages so loads to do. I finished the second page of my Kimberley Dreaming book - this is the next page under way.

 This is the second page - added a few frangipanis.

 On Thursday after our swim for me and walk for Ian, we decided to go to breakfast at Sayers Sisters - on weekends there is a queue down the road and even while we were there, there were people waiting. Silly really as there are loads of places but it was good food. I have corn fritters and feta and spinach and poached eggs. We haven't been out for breakfast for ages and ages.

Wednesday night we went to the ACO first concert of the year. As I say every time, it doesn't actually matter what they play - they are always brilliant. Enjoyed the 2 Mozarts and the Haydn but not so sure about the modern piece. A good time to dream..... On the way home, the windscreen wipers came on when the lights were on - new phenomenon - Ian didn't work out what caused it until later. Thursday we went to Val and Jim's for a fabulous dinner - all that fresh crab they catch - so sweet and tasty. We drove home with our spray bottles full of water which we sprayed over the wipers all the way home. Luckily it was the middle of the night and no one saw us or if they did, not a peep.

This week we received the first of our Stencil Girl stencils - they are rather classy - this is a great heart shape. There is also a Marrakesh one I have nabbed for myself. I am impressed enough to order some others. You can see them all here

I used it on the gelli plate to test and then lifted the stencil and printed what was left.

I always like this side as it has so much potential for layering and depth.

I have spent a lot of time cutting and packaging our new Fun Fabs  - still got more to add  as I go - all sorts of fabrics - some I have had here for ages - but all great for experimenting with.

Ian's swollen hand has gone back to normal - I guess he will never know what bit him but boy did it swell up.

Hope we last through the next few days of 41!


Heather said...

Love those Kimberley Dreaming colours and the way you use them. Your breakfast looks good - I doubt you'd get anything as interesting as that over here. Glad Ian's hand is better and hope the windscreen wipers will soon be likewise.

Julie said...

Your Kimberley Dreaming pages are exciting and such gorgoeus colours. I hope you manage to cope with the awful heat.

Margaret said...

If you want to cool off, you can visit my blog.
Love the stencils...

Robin Mac said...

I think of you every time I see the temps for Perth - hope it is cooling off a bit. I love your Kimberley dreaming page. I do wish we lived somewhere that the ACO visits. Cheers

Judy said...

Lovethe progress on your Kimberly Dreaming book, and those stencils to die for, I can see why you like the Marrakesh stencil, i'd choose that too,


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