Friday, February 01, 2013

lots a work and a little play

 Welcome to February - what happened to January well you might ask.

The week has rushed on as always - I have written my part of the newsletter and then realised that we have done quite a bit this last month - as usual there is a pile of stuff to go on the web and in case you are wondering what this stuff is - it's a large box full of cocoon strippings which I have been packaging.As you can see, I am making my way to the bottom of the box.  My feet are lingering at the bottom. I have another same sized box of silk rods waiting to be packaged as well.

But then it was time to turn to another big container full of some of our fun to play with fabrics.Some of these have been around for ages, like the Magic Moulding Mesh, and I have decided that it is high time to create their own special place in Fab Bits - Fun Bits. These fabrics can all be fused, bonded, stitched, gilded, manipulated etc etc. They always depend on what I can find at the place I go to find them. I think the page has started with our very popular Glitter Mesh because you can layer up with that and burn into it and stitch on it etc etc. Another very textured fabric which we have also had for a long time but which has only come out at shows, is Tangletuft. So keep your eye on the Fab Bits section and see what appears. I know I have just found a heap of shiny black spiggly mesh. Some are spidery, some are grid mesh like. All are exciting.

Downundertextiles #9 finally arrived yesterday and we sent them out with a few over for anyone who wants one. I have a little article on my play with the Gelli Plates. And then the new stencils arrived to play with them..

And also, although not yet on the web, we got our first shipment of Encaustic Waxes today. I know I said I was going to be playing with them in January - I failed of course but I have got  my stuff out in readiness. The trouble is, I have a bigger list of must-dos than time permits. I am going to a retreat in Albany  in March so there will be no excuse that week.

This is one of the pieces I am working on but held up by the activities above. it is a page - or rather one side of the page of a book I am making. I am working on a layer of the cotton wadding which we sell. I have cut a piece to size and pulled it into two pieces and am working on one piece for front and one for back. It is lovely to work on as well. Shan't show the cover yet but it is coming on nicely.

Back to that packaging, weighing and cutting stuff. But I am also sanctimoniously swimming ever morning and will be up to 20 laps next week.


Heather said...

I'm tired just reading your blog sometimes Dale - don't know how you get it all done. You must feel like the princess in the story of Rumpelstiltskin with the never ending packaging, etc.
I am envious of your lovely straight toes - beautiful feet - I have inherited my family's wonky ones which even surgery hasn't fully sorted.
Love the book page.

Craft Arena said...

I did 30 lengths last night - but the pool is only 25 metres! Love the colours of your book page; I've got a reel of thread in exactly the same shades in front of me calling out for me to use it!

Robin Mac said...

Lovely book page in those gorgeous colours as usual. I agree with Heather, I am exhausted just reading your blog! Hope you are working indoors in the air conditioning as it sounds like the hot days have come back to you. Cheers


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