Sunday, February 24, 2013

Relief at last

Wow - we almost feel like humans again and I slept through a whole night. That's when I knew the heat wave is over - for the moment. You can see why violence happens. When it is humid and hot for days on end and you didn't like it in the first place, you seem to waste so much energy and life. And drink so much water... which doesn't even hit the sides.

Ian's birthday - Bruce and Kaz took us out to dinner and we went to Ilpasto for a lovely night. Forgot to take my phone for pics but you get the picture....

Always good to see a chef in action and our food was yummy as always.

could well have been my pasta....

Last night we went to the last night of the Fringe Festival. Didn't go during the week because it was just too hot.

We didn't see these three but we did see three mermaids firing water at lots of children full of laughter. There were loads of people in Northbridge and we went to What the Pho for dinner. We have must looked friendly (or out late) because two policeman greeted us with a good evening - a fireman the same - and a couple of boys wandering along. Such friendly stuff. Maybe they all thought it was past our bedtime - it was after 11pm...

Friday and yesterday we enjoyed some great rugby games - good running rugby and good refereeing Not such a good start for the Hurricanes though sad to say. I think all 5 of the NZ teams will be pretty good this year. Be a great season. Sadly overnight the Western Force lost again.

to play - I have been playing with Evolon, the Gelli Plate and stencils and Sprays. Almost too subtle for me. I sprayed the Gelli plate again with Glitz Spritz this time - that's just mica powder and water and am really pleased with the layering effect.

For this one I used quite a few layers ending up with one of the road map ones. For this experiment I sprayed the plate with Sun Dye Fabric Paints - they are a fluid acrylic and came up well.

This week, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch called in and brought me a present. Lovely person and I am looking forward to my three day workshop in Albany in March. Time goes past fast. I have not played as much with the encaustic stuff as  would have liked so am really looking to my trip away.

I have also been working pretty hard on writings and samples and stitchy stuff etc for the first of our e-mag - - we hope for it to be ready at the beginning of April. I hope you are hoping so too. The face book page should be active soon - you can always go and like us to get me moving faster. I am keeping everything I am doing under wraps for in the mag. It should be a good one...... My big studio table is pretty cluttered with stuff in many stages.

During the week is has been too hot to bbq and that is serious stuff. Making up for it tonight.



Heather said...

Glad to hear you have some relief from the heat and humidity. I can't cope with it at all though I'm hoping to have to complain about the heat this summer!
Sounds as if you enjoyed yourselves inspite of the conditions.
Love the experiments and am looking forward to the e.mag.

Maggi said...

Thank goodness you are getting some relief from the heat and can bbq again. Love what you are doing with the Evolon.

Robin Mac said...

I have some serious catching up to do now that we are connected with the world again - belated birthday greetings to Ian and I agree, what you are doing with the evolon is lovely. I have clicked to like on the facebook page for the new e-mag - good stuff. Cheers


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