Thursday, February 14, 2013

a lovely parcel and a hot cat (and others)

 It's been very hot here for some days and we are doing the best we can to stay cool. Harley has her own solution. She thinks she is the base of the lemon tree.

 Although she does see the hose as the equivalent of the vacuum cleaner and moves off on her belly whenever it appears. This cat does not like water.

 But at least she is relaxing pretending to be a lemon.

We have now  renamed our HaHa car to a $500 HaHa car - the combination f the windscreen wipers and the lights along with the generator and the battery all apparently connected to wires gelling or something after someone crashed the side of the car some time ago sitting outside the house. Funny how they never leave a note. I wonder if I was standing beside the car and a car hit me if they would leave a note about that. Anyway I have been assured that this surely is the demise of HaHa car. Watch this space.

 Yesterday I got a parcel
 Opened it up and there was a lovely wrapped and decorated box inside.

 Lifted the lid and saw a lovely card

 Took the card out and there was something wrapped in tissue

 Lifted the tissue out and on the bottom was another lovely card.

Unwrapped the tissue and voila - a beautiful cat brooch. Thank you so much, Martha Rose. isn't it a joy to receive something presented so beautifully.


Robin Mac said...

I* do love the antics Harley gets up to! That parcel looks almost too good to unwrap, but the end result is pretty good too. Poor car. Cheers.

Lexa said...

What a lovely gift. And what lovely cool damp dirt! Sympathy to the car.

Heather said...

Infuriating about the car. Harley knows the most comfortable place and makes a lovely furry mulch for your lemon tree.
That parcel is such a delight, even before you get to the contents.

Amanda said...

What a lovely gift! I'm useless at wrapping prettily. Bummer about the car though.

Maggi said...

Sensible Harley. Pity about the car. The gift is so beautiful, as is all the wrapping.


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