Wednesday, February 27, 2013

excting parcels

The nasty weather has reappeared and it has been hot again but nothing like the cyclone up north. So we have had wind and I think there are fires in places around Perth today - I have been hiding indoors, having flimsie fun.

We got a big load of new plain coloured flimsies in from Italy in all the new colours. So we now have 21 colours instead of 7 - my job today has been to clear my big table - boo hoo - it was pretty packed with stuff and I have had to stack it all very neatly so I can carry on with my writing and creating tomorrow.

 The big table gets a shock when it is exposed to light.

 Opening up more boxes containing lovely colours all carefully packed.

 I rolled them up in 1 metre rolls and then in the 50 x 75 rolls - the most popular way we sell them

and then because we now have lots of colours I created Flimsie Allsorts - rolls of 5 colours for $9.50 (these are 50cm x 38cm) - great for when you need pieces for bases, to cut out shapes, wet or dry felting etc. I have made 4 different sets of Allsorts. Kept me out of mischief for a good deal of the day - but in the air conditioned comfort of my studio - while lucky Ian worked on the GST. I also wrote my share of the newsletter.

I am waiting on a heap of deliveries but yesterday Cloth Paper Scissors #47 appeared - sent all the subscription ones out with a few left over. And more important - the Catalyst Wedges arrived. I have been waiting since late November for these. They are fabulous to use on the Gelli Plate.

Tonight we are off out with Martien and Luigi - so it's Kiwis meet Italians and French at a Thai restaurant. Always a good time....


Heather said...

Those flimsies come in the most gorgeous colours. Enjoy your work and play and evening out.

Digitalgran said...

Lovely flimsies, but an even better table. I don't suppose you could post one of those to the UK?

Maggi said...

The flimsies are lovely. I like the idea of Flimsie Allsorts.


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