Monday, February 04, 2013

Friends and more

 Last Sunday we went to visit some dear friends - Jill and Max - and we were ashamed to think that we don't think we have seen them for at least 8 years and maybe a wee bit longer. Jill had to write us a letter to see if we were still alive. That is terrible - friends are so important. Jill (aka Zecky) I met when I had a stall at the markets by the Art Gallery nearly 20 years ago - she is a wonderful artist and a wonderful lady. She taught me an awful lot about being an artist and developing belief in one's ability. When we first moved to Chez Rollerson just over 20 years ago, we took some photos of our house and garden and Jill painted these images for us and made us frame them in 2 lots - one for Grant and one for Bruce (not yet). My photos are not very good because they are hanging in our lounge and have caught the light from the French doors on the other side of the room but they are so lovely to have especially as the back garden was so different - before the studio was built. At the top on the right was a bbq/fireplace - lots of changes.  We have promised to visit them again before too long. Max hasn't been well and Jill had had a wee scare but she has so much energy and was full of beans. We had a wonderful afternoon with them both and lots of laughs and stories.

Last night we went to Dark Stars as part of the Fringe Festival. We plan to go to a few other activities - the programme is so overwhelming that I pick it up, read a bit and get bogged down. But we will. This is  Jonathan Council who we met on Waiheke Island at Mudbrick Restaurant - he was our waiter and we told him we would go to his show - I think he was rather chuffed that we did. It was a very good performance - hard doing a one man show especially in the heat! It is amazing the people we meet where we go and even nicer to catch up with them again.

When we left, we wandered up William Street to find a meal (ended up at Lido where the owner told us there is always a table for us and the staff greet us like we are family) but on the way the owners of an Italian restaurant we used to go to a lot before they moved and we have only been once since they moved but we must go again - were sitting outside a restaurant and called out to us by our names (!) and hopped up to give us a hug and chat. Isn't life good when there are so many beautiful people out there?

Ian has been bitten on his thumb (we think) - very localised and swollen and he can't use his hand. I have to open the coffee pot and the wine bottle lids. Serious. I am watching it carefully as I can't think of any other explanation at his stage. My mother would have popped a bread poultice on - I will have to google to see how to make one..

I have started the next page for my book - the plan is to make 20 pages and back them - watch this space.


Ann said...

I know that neglected old friends feeling well as we lunched with friends we have known for 46 years and not seen for at least 5 years. So good to catch up and so ashamed to have let it go that long. A good year to improve friendships before we get any older.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Pretty sari page - I love that colour combo

Heather said...

What a lovely post. Beautiful people attract other beautiful people Dale. So glad you met up again with your friends - the paintings of your garden are lovely.
I like the idea of your stitched pages and love the colours in this one.

Heather said...

Meant to say that I hope Ian's hand soon heals.

Amanda said...

But that's supposed to be the sign of true friendship, when you don't notice the gap and carry on as though it were last week.

I hope Ian's thumb is better soon. :-/

Robin Mac said...

Poor Ian, I hope his finger is better soon - my mother used to put bread poultices on boils I got when I was small. So glad you caught up with your friends, and the fringe festival sounds like fun too. Love the colours in the page. Cheers

Judy said...

Love your paintings Dale, Jill is certainly a talented lady. Friends are so important, and you jogged my brain at how many we don't seem to keep up with these days.


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