Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farewell Le Luberon

It is our last morning before we catch the TGV back to London - this is the stamp I bought at the markets - I should have got more but it was the first place we came to and I thought there would more excitement to catch my eye and wallet - when we went back it was raining and they were packing up.

Yesterday it rained off and on but lovely to see the leaves and watch the rain fall. We went to Oppede Le Vieux where we have been before but lots of it is roped off.

We visit a lovely vineyard - La Garelle - best Syrah we have had so we had to buy some to squeeze in our suitcases

Not such a good photo but the vineyard is in a beautiful spot

Finished our holiday with a drive to Carpentras - haven't been there for a few years and we had a lovely scenic tour back

Last night we went to L'arome in Bonnieux again - we thought it was the best restaurant we visited this past week. When we left it was raining cats and dogs and water everywhere - umbrellas were in the car but they wouldn't have helped. Everyone knows I love my shoes - no way were they getting wet so I tucked them under my clothes and off I went through torrents of water. Always dry yourself when you get home but lovely shoes are previous.

Rain had gone this morning so it is pack our bags and off we go to Avignon. Looking at all the stuff I bought - I didn't do much. Made some felt - stitched a bit - sketched a bit - oh well...


Heather said...

Perhaps you relaxed more this time Dale. Glad you kept your shoes safe! Love the stamp you bought. Have a good journey home.

Dorothy said...

Smiled when I read your comment about your shoes--a girl has to get her priorities right ! The stamp looks interesting.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale and Ian,
Have loved reading your journey, sad when it ends. The shoes look lovely and comfortable, and I wouldn't have got them wet either, ruins them. Safe journey home.


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